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Great Gifts for iPhone Lovers


I do love my apps. I wish I could say the New York Times or Business Week App is the one I couldn’t live without. But my most used app is Shazam. Just last night I got a great new song that I heard while watching CSI.

I rushed to iTunes hoping to be among the first to download it.

Summer: There’s an App for That!

I really love that my kids are able to entertain themselves. My son and his best friend have been known to play with a pair of socks for two hours. Who knew there was that much you could do with them. My daughter is so prolific with her projects that she fills up entire sketch books with ideas. And since she can’t really read or spell yet, they are a little Beautiful-Mind-ish. Surely Einstein or someone had notebooks like this?

That said, we were only 5 hours into day two of summer when there was no “entertaining themselves” going on anymore, and the kids wore me to a nubbin asking to watch a mid-day movie or play games on my phone. My initial reaction was to tell them no.

We are a “get outside and play” kind of family. And we probably err on the conservative side as far as screen time. For example we bought a car that came standard with a movie screen but have never used it. We have all read about the dire implications that too much screen time has on kids. But what about the benefits of “the right amount” of screen time?

The kids pointed out to me that when I was little I didn’t have to entertain myself with only things that my parents had, like it was on Little House on the Prairie. Therefore, they shouldn’t have to make do with only the things I had (i.e. no electronics). Nice that they liken one generation ahead of me to a one room school house, no running water and squirrels for dinner. But still, not a bad point…Continue reading.