Did you know you can burn calories by just thinking ?

The Beauty of the “Stay-cation”.

Labor Day Weekend is here and we’re excited to…

Stay at home!

We love “staycations” for so many reasons; they’re budget friendly, offer a chance to catch up with family & friends, spend time on projects we otherwise ignore, light up the grill, mix some drinks AND appreciate our homes and neighborhoods!

Sticking around this weekend too? Try some of our favorite ideas for staycation fun or add your own suggestion. 

Time for a Staycation.

Hilarious SNL: Corn Syrup Commercial from HULU

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Top Parental Health Concerns: Worth the Worry?

As you may be aware, there is a deadly outbreak of E. coli in Europe. You might also have heard of MRSA (Methicillin-resistant Staph)? If you haven’t, here’s the summary: everyone is blaming someone else for demanding / over-prescribing antibiotics when we didn’t need them and now we do need them but they don’t work anymore and we’re all going to die.

If anyone out there is still alive enough to read this, go wash your hands.

But should you wash them with antibacterial soap, or is that accelerating the rise of micro-organisms that will cause our collective demise? So you try to buy organic. But maybe you should consider produce and meat that has been irradiated (briefly bathing it in gamma rays) which can deactivate 99.999% of E. coli, salmonella, etc. Sounds good.

But wait, do the people that irradiate the meat also cram the livestock full of antibiotics so that the cows won’t get sick in their overcrowded pens, creating the perfect breeding grounds for antibiotic resistant superbugs?

Maybe being a vegetarian is the way to go. Oh, but the poop from those antibiotic fueled cows is used as fertilizer which gets on your lettuce…Continue reading.