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The New Wine Pairings

A lot of us have been there - ‘there’ being the toughest of Mom days.  Maybe your child has thrown a full fledged tantrum in the grocery store or perhaps you and your spouse BOTH forgot to pick someone up from school. We all know that it happens.

With that said, sometimes a glass of wine at the end of the day is an essential part of winding down.  So lose the cheese - we love this brilliant list by, which pairs the most trying of moments with a perfectly matched drink.

Is it time to start sipping?

Perfect Wine Pairings for Trying Parenting Times

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29% of women stated that they would NOT buy their child a Barbie.  Would you?
29% of women stated that they would NOT buy their child a Barbie. Would you?

Push Preparedness: Is Ignorance Bliss or Should You Take That Childbirth Class?

Bloody shows, mucous plugs, and stitches where stitches just don’t belong. Oh, and “guess how big the placenta is?” The teacher smiles and she holds up a relatively large throw pillow. OMG.

Is ignorance bliss or is it better to learn something but also have the crap scared out of you? The joy of 8-hour-long Saturday parenting and childbirth classes ranks right up there with traffic school.

In my childbirthing class, we had the pleasure of watching a birthing video filmed circa 1982 and showing a woman giving birth in an 80s era hospital in Boston while hollering about her “wicked bad contractions” which could only compete with her wicked bad perm (and wicked unruly pubic hair / wig). The video was mildly disturbing not due to the content but…. Continue reading.