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How to Keep Kids Entertained at Home: Is Boredom Dead?

Summer is so great! Freedom! Translation: kids in the house trying to find something to fill the time, and filing their complaints with me. Is boredom dead?

My kids roll their eyes when I tell them they don’t even know what bored is. I remember long stretches of hot summer days growing up in Texas – no camps, no pool, definitely no computer. Just us and our own ingenuity after my parents or a friend’s parents (they were all in this together) told us to “go find something to do.” And by that they meant: “don’t come back for a few hours.” Continue reading…

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Tips for Traveling with Toddlers: Honey Badger Don’t Care

We make the controversial decision not to pre-board. My kids, ages 2 and 4 at the time, will run, skip and hop in the terminal as long as possible and we board the plane at the last possible moment. It has already been a long day and we are trying to time the flight so that once on board we will be busy with lunch and then a nap.

This is a great plan, except that it means both kids are teetering on hungry and tired as we board the plane. Nearly everyone is seated and looking forward down the aisle at us as we turn the corner into the airplane. I have a Sit ‘n Stroll travel stroller that converts into a car/plane seat.

Seemed cool except that it doesn’t actually fit down the aisle so I need to carry it over my head, plus a large carry on (how heavy?) and a backpack. Admittedly, I am not one to travel light (as I like to be prepared for the apocalypse, which with a toddler on a plane means lots of emergency supplies).

At the moment we pass the second row of first class, my two year old decides that she has had enough. She lays down in the aisle and will not get up. When I attempt to pick her up (which is dangerous with all the stuff I’m carrying), she becomes a noodle. I can’t even get her to a standing position. I calmly explain to her why she should go to her seat, but as they say, honey badger don’t care. For whatever reason, the people in first class seem to be paralyzed and don’t offer much help.

I do some quick math and realize I have no choice but to leave her there, deliver the stuff and 4 year old to our seats at the rear of the plane, and then come back to get her off the floor of first class. So that is what I do.

As I walk back up the aisle to gather my two-year-old puddle child, I attempt a weak smile at the people up front. Sweaty and dishelved, I console myself with the fact that, luckily, I haven’t tweaked my back yet. And I know that if anyone says something nice or tries to help me, I will probably burst into tears. Luckily (?), no one does.

Fun trip, so far! Continue reading »